Sunday, July 24, 2016



I want you.....  and your soul.....

You will have the choice at the start of the game to play either the male or female role. Should you decide to play the male character you will come across 'The Succubus'. Yes, this is one for all you guys out there.
If you haven't replenished your energy bar and it falls to 0, you will have to rest. Now you have left yourself vulnerable and you will fall asleep while your energy levels refill.
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Beautiful and very alluring, she will come to you while you dream and try to seduce you. Don't be fooled, she is not what she seems...... for she is a demon. When she thinks you are submissive to her feminine wiles she will place her hand on your heart chakra and draw your soul out of your body. Now you are completely paralysed and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop her. While your soul is being lost to her, you will see her beauty disintegrate and her true form is revealed. A horned , grey, skeletal beast with crow wings has left your lifeless body to rot.
copyright,all rights reserved 2016

Forgot to protect yourself before you fell asleep didn't you............ 
Protection rituals must be learnt to survive this demon.

I wouldn't want all you ladies to miss out on such an evil entity. The male counterpart to this, is the 'Incubus' and he has the same attributes as the succubus .......... no-one is safe to sleep.

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