Saturday, October 8, 2016


The Wailing Banshee !

New character creation

Before becoming the wailing banshee she was a beautiful raven haired woman. She used her beauty and femininity to seduce men for her own selfish gain. Having pursued a wealthy gentleman for his money and becoming his wife, she continued her lifestyle behind his back, taking money and gifts as she went. During the course of an illicit affair she let her guard down and was caught by her husband in the arms of another man. In his anger at her betrayal to him, he threw her out of their home barefoot and in nothing more than her nightgown. Left to wander in the woods, she realised that she did in fact love him, but knew there would be no forgiveness. Her body was starting to succumb to the cold and she could walk no further and so curled herself up at the base of a tree and wailed at her loss, such was her grief that she cried herself to death.

In death she traverses the woodlands still wailing in her grief. As a sponge absorbs water, so her piercing screeches absorb her beauty. Her eyes bloodshot, her teeth shattered, her hair has greyed and her skin is withered and yet still she wails. Her nightgown shredded by the branches of the trees, hang like a rag on her skeletal soul.                

As you travel through the wooded areas of the game, you will come across her. You will hear her screeching into the night and as she gets closer to you, her screams become deafening with a resonance that will paralyse you. Should she gain eye contact and wail directly at you, your death is imminent.
                                                                     She will take your soul. 

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