Wednesday, March 1, 2017


The Shadow men

They are watching you from within the shadows of the darkness.

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I haven't shared with you much concept art for the characters in The Darkness Of Ragnarokk of late due to my time being taken up with writing the story line. 

So, here is the original artwork for The Shadow Men

The shadow men are all around you. Just as you move through the game, they move from shadow to shadow, their demonic eyes glowing red in the darkness. Stand still for too long without light ... and they will see you. As they move silently, perfectly camouflaged ... will you see them? If their dark mass surrounds you, enveloping your soul there is little you can do but choke on their dark evil.

The shadow men have recently been featured in the story line in Issue 3 & 4. Read more about the way they attack and the damage they can do to you. How did Deena and Dan escape their grip?

To find out more get the story line as it is written.
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© All Rights Reserved 2017

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